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World Geography Quiz - Answers

Map 1: The World

1 The line A The Equator
2 The line B The Arctic Circle
3 The line C – name or number of degree Greenwich Meridian/Oo Lat
4 Compass direction D North
5 Compass direction E South West
6 Ocean F Atlantic
7 Ocean G Indian
8 Ocean H Pacific
9 Sea area I Gulf of Mexico
10 Sea area J Mediterranean
11 Island and country K Iceland
12 USA state L Alaska
13 The cape shown at M Cape Horn
14 The mountain chain at N (full length of S America) Andes
15 The line shown at O International Date Line

Map 2: The British Isles

16 The islands at A The Shetlands
17 Island B Isle of Man
18 Island C Isle of Wight
19 Country D Republic of Ireland
20 The province or country E Northern Ireland
21 Country F Wales
22 Country G Scotland
23 City H London
24 City I Cardiff
25 City J Dublin
26 City K Belfast
27 City L Edinburgh
28 Transport link M Channel Tunnel
29 Sea area N The North Sea
30 County (and tourist destination) O Cornwall

Map 3: Europe

31 Country A Spain
32 Country B The Netherlands
33 Country C Norway
34 Country D The Czech Republic
35 Country E Lithuania
36 City F Berlin
37 City G Helsinki
38 City H Venice
39 City I Barcelona
40 City J Paris
41 Mountain chain K Pyrenees
42 Sea area L The Baltic
43 Island M Sicily
44 Island N Crete
45 The Cape at O North Cape

Map 4: Africa

46 Island A Madagascar
47 Country B Zimbabwe
48 Country C Tunisia
49 Country D Morocco
50 Country E Tanzania
51 City F Cairo
52 City G Algiers
53 City H Capetown
54 City I Accra
55 City J Nairobi
56 The mountain at K Table Mountain
57 Lake L Lake Victoria
58 The spectacular waterfalls at M Victoria Falls
59 The desert N Sahara
60 The river O River Nile

Map 5: The Americas

61 Country A Mexico
62 US State B Florida
63 US State C Pennsylvania
64 Country D Canada
65 US state E California
66 City F Vancouver
67 City G (NOT in the USA!) Tijuana
68 City H New Orleans
69 City I Boston
70 City J Chicago
71 Country K Brazil
72 Country L Chile
73 Country M Ecuador
74 River N River Amazon
75 The mountains at O (map 5a) – general name The Rockies

Map 6: Asia

76 Country A China
77 Country B Japan
78 City state C Singapore
79 Country D India
80 Country E Pakistan
81 Pilgrimage city F Mecca/Makkah
82 Fast-growing city G Dubai
83 City H Bangkok
84 Capital city I Kuala Lumpur
85 Capital city J Beijing
86 Sea area K The (Persian) Gulf
87 Mountain range L The Himalayas
88 River M The Yangste
89 Sea area N The Caspian
90 Sea area O The Arctic

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