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World Geography Quiz 2010 - Answers

World Geography Quiz with a tourism angle – 2010


Set 1

1 Newfoundland
2 Sumatra
3 Panama Ship Canal
4 Bay of Biscay
5 Japan
6 Brazil
7 Andes
8 Kalahari
9 Mexico City
10 Vladivostok

Set 2
1 Sri Lanka
2 Denmark
3 Colombia
4 Pakistan
5 Brunei
6 State of Victoria
7 Mozambique
8 State of Georgia
9 North Korea
10 Peru

Set 3

1 Chicago
2 Venice
3 Liverpool
4 Tokyo
5 Johannesburg
6 Tel Aviv
7 Doncaster
8 New York
9 Vila dos Espargos, Cape Verde
10 Santiago, Chile

Set 4

1 Copenhagen, Denmark
2 Near Malton, North Yorkshire
3 Poitiers, France
4 Adjacent to Disneyland Paris
5 Gilroy, California
6 Cape Town, South Africa
7 New Delhi, India
8 Mississauga, Ontario
9 Orlando, Florida
10 Santiago, Chile

Set 5

1 County Antrim, Northern Ireland
2 Meiringen, Switzerland
3 New South Wales, Australia
4 Utah, USA
5 Across the Peru/Bolivia border
6 Yunnan, China
7 Southern California, USA
8 Iceland
9 Nepal: the Nepalese name for Mt Everest
10 Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

Set 6

1 Sydney Harbour Bridge
2 Building officially named 30, St Mary Axe, London
3 a) The entrance to San Francisco Harbour (not a gate) – crossed by the Golden Gate Bridge
b) Actual gateways in the cities of Constantinople, Jerusalem, Kiev, Vladimir (Russia) and Gdansk
c) Various buildings and parks etc around the world
4 A strong, dry, south-easterly wind said to clear Cape Town of smog and pollution
5 The popular name for the Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat on
Red Square in Moscow
6 The name often given to an irregular warming and cooling cycle in the Pacific Ocean waters and
overhead atmosphere. There can be major effects on the weather, likelihood of floods, fishing
prospects and tourism activity among other things as a result.
7 The translation of Mardi Gras, the festivities associated with the period immediately before fasting
for Lent in some Christian communities. In tourism the word is taken to refer to carnivals and
partying during those festivities, especially in places like Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans and
8 Sri Lanka, from its shape and position close to India.
9 The Eiffel Tower ‘The lady of iron’ – more common in the late nineteenth century perhaps. Not to
be confused with The Iron Lady – Margaret Thatcher – the Eiffel Tower having grown in popularity
over the years
10 An English phrase based on Yr Eifel (“The Fork”), a mountain with three separate summits: on the
Llŷn Peninsula, North Wales. Not to be confused with that French tower.

Set 7

1 St Moritz and Zermatt, Switzerland
2 New York and Chicago
3 Adelaide and Darwin
4 Xining and Lhasa (Tibet), China
5 a) Pretoria and Cape Town or b) Calais and Menton, France. However, Le Train Bleu has been
replaced by standard TGV expresses
6 The Hook of Holland in the Netherlands and Basel, Switzerland: last journey was on 30 May 1987
although the later services were themselves revivals of the main service which had otherwise
ended in 1938 and then again in 1954.
7 Madrid and Lisbon
8 Fukuoka and Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan – serving a theme park in Fukuoka
9 Viana and Marechal Floriano, in south east Brazil
10 London and Sheffield

Set 8

The country is the Ivory Coast – Côte d’Ivoire. It was chosen before the current knife-edge political situation developed.

Set 9

The country is Ecuador

Set 10

1 The eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland caused clouds of ash forcing the widespread grounding of aircraft flights
2 The country announced plans to allow official tourist groups visit the scene of the world’s worst
nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. Unofficial groups have been approaching closely for some time.
3 Brazil has decided to encourage tourist visits to some of its slums – the favelas
4 The UK’s National Trust entered a deal with publishers Mills and Boon to promote romantic
novels set in some of its properties. The first was called Scandalous Incident and set in Ham House, in Surrey. To quote from the NT web site:
“Phoebe shared more than her unruly dark curls with the ancestor whose portrait graced the walls of Ham House. Impatient of convention, both had retreated from the excesses of London life to Richmond's leafy beauty. Yet neither had enjoyed peace for long. Their retreat posed a challenge to Society's most notorious rakes - a certain Viscount Ransome seemed set on making Phoebe his own. But secrets and passion were part of the fabric of Ham House and Phoebe had learnt from her rebellious ancestor. She planned to bring the arrogant Viscount to his knees...”
5 Floods destroyed the road access to Machu Piccu in Peru in January. 4,000 local people and tourists had to be airlifted out of the area.
6 The new Gotthard Base Tunnel, at 35.4 miles length, achieved breakthrough in October. It is a rail tunnel and when completed in 2017 will cut the Zurich-Milan travel time from 3.5 to 2.5 hours.
7 The BBC has brought Last of the Summer Wine to a close after 37 years. How long the tourism industry in Holmfirth where it was filmed will survive remains to be seen.
8 These are the names of the latest State Parks in Victoria, Australia.
9 Using a metal detector, Dave Crisp discovered what has been called the Frome Hoard of 52,503 Roman coins in Somerset. The proceeds of the find will be shared between him and the owners of the field where they were found, Geoff and Anne Sheppard. Estimated value around 320,000.
10 Tourists invaded South Africa for the soccer World Cup. ‘Lekkers’ is the local slang term for tourists. The other places use the labels shown for people visiting their areas – or at least, when they behave badly.

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